Equity, Diversity, Dignity and Inclusion

Events around the world and more recently in our community have brought issues of systemic racism, inequity, and injustice to the fore. The ҹ Board acknowledges that racism exists in society and has longstanding historical roots. The devastating impact of discrimination and racism can no longer be ignored. The ҹ Board denounces racism and discrimination in all forms. Our school board has always been committed to equity, inclusion, and respect for all. We are actively re-examining the ways in which we live these values, the ways we do not, and the work we must do to honour them. We pledge to work together with our community to lead positive change. We commit to undertake actions that will improve the learning and social experiences for the students and communities we serve. As educators, we must take an active role in addressing racism with students and staff. As citizens, we have a responsibility to raise our level of awareness and join in the collective fight for positive social change. 

– ҹ Board, June 2020 

The Task Force

From its inception in June 2020, the Task Force was mandated to develop evidence-based recommendations that could be shared with all LBPSB schools, centres and departments. The Task Force, chaired by Dr. Myrna Lashley, was comprised of internal and external members. A list of the TF members, and their biographies, can be found here.

The Task Force worked diligently during the 2020-2021 academic year to research and provide recommendations to the LBSPB to facilitate their work in EDI. The TF produced a comprehensive report in August 2021 which was shared with LBPSB administration and the community. The report and recommendations can be found here. (Download the report and recommendations)

Our Commitment to EDDI

The ҹ Board is committed to continuous progress and efforts in work of Equity, Diversity, Dignity and Inclusion. More information can be found here. (Download Commitment to EDDI)

Our commitment to EDDI is supported by several committees. A list of the members of the Steering Committee and Advisory Committee can be found here.

Our Commitment to EDDI

Annual EDDI Updates

As part of our commitment to EDDI, the ҹ Board has committed to providing annual updates on their EDDI journey.

Do you have any comments that you’d like to share with the EDDI Steering Committee? Please submit by email to eddi@lbpsb.qc.ca.

A list of important and commemorative dates can be .