Lester B. Virtual Wall of Fame

Thousands of alumni from LBPSB schools and centres have graduated and gone on to do amazing things. From radio hosts to chefs, from community leaders to astronauts, physicians, and professional athletes, these incredible alumni are part of what makes the LBPSB so special.

As part of a new initiative by the LBPSB Department of Communications and Community Development, each week we will feature different alumni who will share their stories about how their LBPSB educational journeys empowered them to reach their goals.

Whether it is an adult education or youth sector alumni, each member of the Lester B. Virtual Wall of Fame will share their thoughts regarding how their journey in one of our schools inspired and prepared them for the future.

Do you know an amazing LBPSB alumni? Please let us know by sending an email to: jliebman@lbpsb.qc.ca

Stay tuned as they may be the next alumni featured on the Lester B. Virtual Wall of Fame.

Jonathan and Sheldon Serjue

Champs Basketball

Terry DiMonte
Veteran Broadcaster
Video reporter, CBC Montreal
Trauma nurse
Lynn Dallaire
Lorne Glazer
Traffic Broadcaster
Weather specialist, CTV Montreal
Paisley Nyberg
Business strategist
Host of Daybreak CBC Montreal’s Morning Radio Show
Veteran broadcaster on CHOM 97.7
Entrepreneur and Community Leader
Nathan Zsombor-Murray
Olympic Diver, Tokyo 2020
Alexandra Pearse
Stand-up comedian and writer
Jamie Mariani and Brittany Zakrzewski
Co-creators of Royal Blush Apparel
Elena Gizas
Nurse at the Intensive Care Unit St-Mary’s Hospital
Illustrator and Tattoo Artist
Greg Rocha
Entrepreneur and Marketing Professional
Vice President Facilities and Operations Services, Disneyland Paris
Erica Orofino
Francis Chechile
Communication professional at the Government of Canada
Jessica Gottlieb MSW, T.S.
Clinical social worker, author, and speaker
Arvind Ramanathan
Founder of Vigilant Global and co-founder of Box One Ventures
Cindy Finn
Director General of the ҹ Board and educational leader
Alex Forand
WICC alumnus and apprentice at Alfa Romeo
Frankie Martella
Administrative Assistant at the LBPSB and PACC Adult Education alumnus
Lori Gitomer and Tracy Luckow
Entrepreneurs and inventors at Whipnotic
Kent Hughes
General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens
Eric Clement
Entrepreneur and menswear stylist
Trevor Barrette
Actor and Performer
Felicia Parrillo
Sam Hanley
Writer and Communications Coordinator Freelance photographer
Tweedie Smith
Manager, Learning Technology and Training Programs
Vinny Rojas

Personal trainer

Meghan Kelly

Radio Announcer

Benjamin Goldman

Professional musician and composer

Mike Matheson

Professional hockey player and Assistant Captain of the Montreal Canadiens

Dave Stubbs

Columnist and Historian,
National Hockey League

Andrea Elias

Radio producer and host

Jacqueline Simoneau

Synchronized swimmer

Eitel Houedakor

Beurling Academy Alumnus, 2020
Assistive Technology Coordinator and Accessibility Consultant

Maya Johnson

CTV Montreal News Anchor

Jonathan and Sheldon Serjue

Champs Basketball